Orange Linux and Akita Project - Another OS Creation
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Building the Project
Make sure to install the proper packages. This will include a recent version of Bochs, Grub, Python, Possibly a recent Java JDK.

  • 1. Type 'make clean' to get rid of any garbage files
  • 2. Type 'make bochs' to build the operating system kernel (actually, type it twice)
  • 3. Enter the toolkit directory and go over the "Run" script. This will create the diskimage and other misc files. Grub and Bochs must be installed for this script to run properly.
...Enter the toolkit directory and see the README.txt, This is verbatim from that particular file:

These are HelperKernel scripts that create an environment to test linux/unix kernels over 'bochs'. We normally test floppy(1.44MB) based images, but you probably could test cd-rom images or hard-drive images.

Compiling and Deploying the operating system image normally takes 3 steps.

(1). First, type 'make' and then 'make bochs' to compile. This step is needed to compile the kernel.

Here is the console with the output after typing make...

(2). Log in as root and enter the 'toolkit' subdirectory...

This step is needed to create the filesystem on the image and prepare it for bochs.

(3). After you performed these steps, you can run your operating system in the bochs emulator.

You will need to setup the bochs 'bochsrc.bxrc' file. This resource file tells bochs what type of emulated machine to run on. For example, on a real machine, you might have a 80GB drive. On the bochs system, you might want to use a 100MB drive. You can control these parameters in the 'bochsrc.bxrc' file or a '.bochsrc' file(for linux).

This file shoule be located in the 'toolkit/bochs' directory. Edit the file accordingly. You might need to change the variables to match the directory where you installed Bochs.

If you are attempting to compile the project. Visit this walkthrough of what should happen assuming your build machine is configured with the required software.

May 2005 Walkthrough

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