Orange Linux and Akita Project - Another OS Creation
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Here are some bugs that Jared found, you might be able
to identify the problem and continue.

-- The id command on my system (ubuntu) is found in
/usr/bin/id, so in Run
it would always fail and indicate that I wasn't root.
-- As I think you are aware, the script currently needs
to be
hand-modified to perform a chmod for a nonroot user
(unless I happen to
have the same login as you...:) )

-- My system didn't have /dev/loop0 enabled and it took
me awhile to
figure out how to do this. You may want to mention
that if your kernel
has it set up as a module, you can just type "modprobe
loop", rather than
recompiling your kernel.

-- I needed to run dosit -a on Clean to get it to work.
-- I haven't yet been able to go through the entire
build process from
scratch (that is, I've been able to use the Run you
created to build an
image file and I've been able to create a duplicate Run
file by running
the ant file but have not done this all at once yet...)

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