Orange Linux and Akita Project - Another OS Creation
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Main Page - This is the recommended place to start.
OrangeLinux sourceforge download - You can view all the packages here

There are three major releases in order of the most active projects:

The Current naming convention on the sourceforge site, might be a little confusing. Currently, There is only one release to download. From the sourceforge project site, this is named 'ProjectAkitaOS', if you click on this link, you will need to download one of the versions of the system, for example:

For example, in May, you would download

This release contains the Kernel source and the image creating utility. You will need to download bochs, python, and java.

  • ProjectAkitaOS (ProjectAkita,OrangeLinux) - OS development project. The core operating system source code.
  • Example Image (OrangeImage) - a floppy image of a small linux kernel. Use with bochs or use with a real machine. (deprecated)
  • MiniVGALib - You can use the VGA library driver with this operating system or any small hobby operating system. (deprecated)
You will need a Linux or Unix operating system with the latest GNU tools in order to compile this application. But, you can run any of the images you create on a windows/linux/unix system that has bochs installed.
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