Orange Linux and Akita Project - Another OS Creation
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Notes for

Make sure to install the proper packages. This will include
a recent version of Bochs, Grub, Python, Possibly a recent Java JDK

1. Type 'make clean' to get rid of any garbage files

2. Type 'make' to build the operating system kernel

3. Enter the toolkit directory and go over the "Run" script. This will
create the diskimage and other misc files. Grub and Bochs must be installed
for this script to run properly.

...Enter the toolkit directory and see the README.txt, This is verbatim from that
particular file:

These are HelperKernel scripts that create an environmen to
test linux/unix kernels over 'bochs'. I normally test floppy kernels,
but you probably could test cd-rom kernels or hard-drive kernels.

Compiling and Deploying the application is normally takes 3 steps.

(1). First, type 'make' and then 'make bochs' to prepare the bochs image. This
step is needed to compile the kernel.

(2). Become the superuser to use the filesystem utilities (su). Enter the
'toolkit' subdirectory and type './Run'.

(3). Enter the 'toolkit/bochs' directory and make sure that the 'orange.img'
floppy image exists in this directory, launch bochs and the OS will launch
within in the emulator.

If everything was compiled properly, you will be able to launch the
floppy image within bochs. Here is the initial output from the kernel
console output.

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